See The Difference

Before - Apartment BamburghIn this section you will see four pairs of images: the first photograph shows the room as it looked when I arrived. The second photograph shows my finished image. Hover your mouse over the image to see the result.

There are a number of techniques I use to bring out the best in your property.

De-cluttering is the first step – even holiday properties need this. Certain unslightly items need to be removed such as toilet brushes, waste bins etc.

Then I can start the staging process, where tables can be carefully set, cushions added along with additional props such as bowls of fruit, books and games etc.

Attention to detail is paramount: are the curtains straight and smart? Does the bed linen look its best?  Are rugs and mats carefully placed?

Now the photography can start – getting the best angles,  rearranging lights and getting the right exposures.

Once I get back home the technical stuff starts: combining exposures, altering the colour balance, making sure the verticals are correct, digitally removing wires, adding a local image to the TV, perhaps  adding blue skies or enhancing flowers.


Every one of these steps are essential in order to create great photographs that will help show your property at its best.

Hover your mouse over the image to see the result.

Eyemouth Apartment

Bamburgh Apartment



The Beach House

Countess Park